A Migrant’s Hope

I once asked my friend for the thing no man can live without

He looked at me, smiled, and replied, “Hope of course.”

Shelter can be built, clothes can be sewn, but hope, once lost, cannot be restored

Hope sustains, hope inspires, hope renews

We hope for the illogical and yearn for the improbable

We hope for a global peace, an unconditional love, and a world undefined by color

We hope for better food on our table, better shoes on our feet, and a better life for our child

What are we without this hope?

It feeds our soul and guides our steps

This hope has sparked revolutions, birthed nations, and inspired dreams

For many, we are this remnant of a dream, we are this final hope

Our choice can extinguish this faint flicker

With us this hope could die

We might not have requested this charge, but we certainly cannot ignore it

Will we seek to avoid the blame for hope’s demise?

Or will we search for ways to keep this hope alive?

Will we join with those who build walls to smother this hope?

Or will we join those devoted to fanning this ever-waning flame?

Before making this choice, one thing must be considered:

Who are we to take away the hope that we ourselves can’t live without?